Facebook Pixel Sustainability | Balfour Winery on the Hush Heath Estate, Kent


Conserving today for the Future of tomorrow, Balfour Winery’s promise


Accredited Gold by Visit England we are proud of our immaculate estate, and conservation remains at the heart of what we do. We have numerous beehives which aid the pollination of our apple orchards and encourage wildflower meadows to thrive. Many of our ponds are home to freshwater mussels and indicator species such as dragonflies, whilst our ancient oak woodlands play residence to fallow deer, buzzards and barn owls.

We are committed to maintaining our ecosystem through the environmentally friendly way we manage the estate. This not only helps to preserve numerous habitats and species but ultimately creates a picturesque and enjoyable place to be.

Certified Producer:

We are incredibly proud to be one of the founding members of the Sustainable Wines of Great Britain (SWGB) certification scheme. Our experienced viticultural team have been working tremendously hard to ensure that our sites meet the exacting standards required to be certified under the SWGB scheme. It is all thanks to their absolute dedication and commitment to sustainable vineyard management that we have been awarded our certification mark and we will continue to build on our sustainable credentials where we possibly can.

Hands-On Approach

It is firmly our belief that a hands-on approach in the vineyard is key to producing our award-winning wines and preserving our natural surroundings. We use the latest technology to help us assess and analyse what is happening at each site on a daily basis.  This allows our viticultural team to tailor their approach to each vineyard, helping us to sustainably produce top quality grapes.

Sustainable Packaging

Every element of our packaging has been carefully crafted and designed with our sustainability values in mind. Our wine boxes are fully recyclable, and we are wholly committed to working with suppliers who also share our environmental ethos.