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Balfour Wines are known for their clean, fresh and precise style. Brilliantly clear colour, distinctive fruit on the nose and a wonderful balance of fruit and vibrant English acidity on the palate, giving way to a long mouth-watering finish.

Our Philosophy

Clonal selection is the key to our winemaking philosophy. In every vineyard, each clone of each variety is monitored individually throughout the year and ultimately harvested separately, only when optimal ripeness is achieved.

Vineyards located on Hush Heath Estate alone account for over 100 different clonal and varietal combinations. To allow for our precision harvesting and small-batch winemaking approach, our winery is equipped with two 4-tonne presses. Complete control over the winemaking process is possible with our own bottling and disgorging line.

The Winemakers

Father and son, Owen and Fergus Elias manage all aspects of winemaking at Balfour. Our state-of-the-art winery allows control from receipt of grapes to pressing, fermentation, bottling, riddling, disgorging, labelling and packaging.

Owen Elias has been making wine at Hush Heath since our very first vintage in 2004. Awarded UK Winemaker of the Year on six occasions, Owen is in the unique position of having over 25 years’ experience in English winemaking.

Fergus Elias is part of an exciting new generation of young winemakers graduating from Plumpton College, England’s dedicated vinicultural centre. Fergus is always looking at how to adapt and innovate.

Our Vineyards

Each of Balfour’s vineyards has been carefully chosen and planted to compliment our winemaking philosophy. Located on either clay, chalk or greensand each vineyard is an expression of its unique terroir. Over half of our vineyards are located on Hush Heath Estate. Planted on Wealden clay soils, these sites are used for many of our single-vineyard wines, including our flagship Balfour Brut Rosé. We also manage vineyards in Kent, planted by our long term grower partners. These vineyards are planted on greensand, known for wines of poise and balance and chalk, showing wines with a lean, clean character.