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November News

An update from Lindy – our Tour Guide Manager and Conservationist

November is a golden month, although the daytime is lessening and light is at a premium, nature tries its best to enable us to experience light through the beautiful colours of the leaves, which are gradually falling away during this penultimate month of the year.

Birds are quiet as they forage for fruit, particularly liking mature ivy berries, just coming into their best time, and providing a rich, full-fat snack. These berries do not fall victim to rot as quickly as others in the dank wet days and provide a firm and juicy source of nutrition right up to Christmas and beyond.

Just as migrating birds leave our winter, we have visitors who come to stay in the UK. These include Redwing and Fieldfare which arrive from Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and other colder areas. They nestle in our hedgerows, woodlands, and vineyards. Their chattering is a welcome sound on quiet days.

Starlings continue to happily provide their spectacular air shows and jackdaws will perform in groups. These beautiful crows are very vocal and form a couple for many years, both in and out of the breeding season. They fly alongside each other in their pairs within the groups.

Our deer may still be rutting and have been more noticeable since the start of autumn. Towards the end of November, they will have completed their rituals and the bucks are exhausted. They will retreat further into the woods and recover from the rush of testosterone and physical exertion of fighting to attract does. Some older individuals will be so weary they will be at the end of their natural lives. Others will take time to find food, which is already scarce, but they will need to replenish nutrients lost during their rut.

A colourful time of year to come to our beautiful estate and kick up some of the many leaves now lining our paths between the vines and in our woodland, banked up under our ancient oaks. Return to our tasting room, The View, sample some wines, ciders and beers and watch the day gradually fade. Take a look at our available tours.

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