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Balfour Dining Club Music Sessions: Why are music and wine a match made in heaven?

Wine and music are the perfect pairings because they both have the power to evoke emotions, enhance experiences, and stimulate the senses.

Just as a well-chosen wine complements and enhances the flavours of a dish, the right music can elevate the mood and atmosphere of a gathering. Both wine and music engage our senses, allowing us to appreciate the intricacies of taste, aroma, melody, and rhythm, creating a harmonious and multi-dimensional sensory experience that is truly delightful.

Does wine taste better with music?

Many noted wine critics will taste wine when listening to music. Although some of the world’s greatest tasters will prefer to have no distractions at all – other than what’s in their glass – others, including some Masters of Wine, will even pair their playlists to the wines on show.

In fact, according to a 2022 study from Susan Lin MW, the type of music you listen to will alter the perception of the wine you’re tasting. Her blind tasting, with over 70 participants, showed that Classical Music enhanced the experience of enjoying Sparkling Wine – making the wine seem more expressive and complex (even if you don’t like the genre).

Similarly, in 2008 Professor Adrian North showed that ‘heavier’ music caused a wine to be perceived as 60% richer and more robust than when no music was heard. Whilst if you’re a fan of more upbeat pop, your wine might even seem more alive on your palate.

How else does music influence wine?

Some wineries also like to play music to the wine itself – believing it alters the development of the liquid.

Famously, Montes Winery in Chile plays Gregorian Chant music  to their barrels. “There are studies that prove that soft vibrations makes liquids perform a better aging than in silence or with strident music,” says Montes.

Whilst in South Africa, De Morgenzon vineyard “have played Baroque, and early Classical, music to our growing vines in the vineyard, in the winery and in the cellar all day”.

Put the theory to the test, at a Balfour Dining Club Music Sessions

The story behind our Balfour Dining Clubs starts with our co-owners Richard and Leslie Balfour-Lynn, they love live Jazz music as much as wine and wanted to combine these passions by hosting regular formal music and wine dining events here at Balfour Winery.

What is the Balfour Dining Club all about?

An enchanting evening in ‘The View’ overlooking the sunset on our vineyards, filled with live music performances and an exquisite seasonal menu paired perfectly with Balfour wines.

What’s included in your £60 ticket?

  • A refreshing welcome glass of Balfour Sparkling Wine
  • Four-course specially curated fine dining menu (Read here)
  • Live music performance
  • Tutored Wine Tasting of Three Balfour Wines

When do bookings close for each event?

We close bookings for every dining club event 4 days prior to the event date so our chefs can prepare the exquisite food. However, bookings may close earlier if tickets are sold out.

Who is performing?

We endeavour to bring you fresh new artists every month to our live music events, so each month there’s something or someone new performing. We announce the artist’s details close to the date on our website here.

How do I book tickets?

Call the Balfour office on +44 (0)1622 832 794 or book easily on our website here. 

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