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Jake’s Drinks Mixed 12 Pack


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3 x Jake’s IPA
3 x Jake’s Lager
3 x Jake’s Kentish Cider
3 x Jake’s Summer Fruit Cider

Jake’s IPA | ABV 4.3% | 330ml
A blend of three Kent hops; one classic, one modern and one almost forgotten. It has smooth, nutty flavours developed by four malts that blend into a light-bodied bitterness. The dark amber hue sits under a delicate, creamy head. A delightful session IPA.

Jake’s Lager | ABV 4.5% | 330ml
A flavoursome craft lager created with a traditional Kentish hop and an American classic. The result is a bright beer with a fresh aroma of caramel. The taste of lemon rind merges with a touch of sweetness from the malts. A traditional pilsner style with an English twist.

Jake’s Kentish Cider | ABV 5.4% | 330ml
Made from three Kentish, dessert apples grown on Hush Heath Estate. Our Winemakers treat the cider like their sparkling wines, with each apple variety being fermented separately using wine yeasts. A balanced blend leads to a clean, wine-like style. The result is a pure, crisp and refreshing craft cider that sits between dry and sweet.

Jake’s Summer Fruit Cider | ABV 4% | 330ml
In a world of overly sweet fruit ciders, Balfour’s Winemakers strike the perfect equilibrium for the natural fruit flavours to shine through. The result is a delicate, sparkling cider with the creamy taste of ripe English strawberries, finishing with a hint of sweetness and lingering characters of summer berries.