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March News

An update from Lindy – our Tour Guide Manager and Conservationist

March is a month of regeneration and there are signs of spring and summer around the corner. On the Estate the early nesting birds will be very active and may be spotted flying back and forth with twigs and other nesting material. The transfer from winter to spring can be on and off and insects and amphibians must accommodate the variations in weather from one day to the next. In the cold and harsh March days, these will stay at ground level sheltering and still in semi-hibernation. On a sunny day queen bumble bees and butterflies including peacocks and commas are out and about and landing on catkins and any early blooming flowers including wood anemones in the ancient woodlands, which are now in full bloom and providing the nectar they crave.   

Beautiful gorse, often not tolerated by landowners due to its encroachment if not managed, can be spotted along the paths on the estate, showing its bright yellow flowers and spreading its coconut aroma. Providing shelter and food for many invertebrates and birds, it is a cheerful reminder of the summer, still only a promise. 

The buzzards which are a regular feature in the skies above the estate often make use of the warm thermals towards the end of the month.  These beautiful birds of prey will start their mating ritual, the female is larger than the male, and when he approaches they will often be seen performing acrobatics to start their breeding season.  They mate for life and buzzards are one of the most common native species of raptor and their familiar ‘mewing’ is a welcome reminder of spring.   

Pondlife is gathering pace, with small insects like water bugs and pond skaters hovering just below the surface and frog spawn developing into tadpoles.  On a mild March day, the pond skaters will be visible skimming across the surface. These are valuable contributors to the aquatic food chain and predate insects and even small fish.   

March is truly a month when we can look forward to beautiful days to come on Hush Heath Estate. The woodland is turning a pale hue of green and there are signs of life everywhere.   

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