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April News

An update from Lindy – our Tour Guide Manager and Conservationist

We welcome April with optimism as the days get longer.

This month, wildlife must manage the changing weather, as just one day can bring April showers, night frosts and warm sunshine within the space of a few hours. Acclimatising is a challenge.

In the ancient woodlands, the wood anemones are still carpeting the floor and there are signs that bluebells are coming. Wild garlic has been used in medicine and as a popular ingredient in cookery for centuries. Their bright green leaves are also a welcome sign of early Spring and are so important for the pollinators and other insects which are braving the mixed weather.

Mid-April may bring the unmistakable sound of the cuckoo. These clever birds have returned from their overwintering in Africa, flying from the Congo and neighbouring countries to lay their eggs in the nests of other birds. They have become very scarce as their population has declined significantly and so are a welcome sound to hear when walking the estate. They are shy birds but if we are lucky, we might spot them as they move from tree to tree. They are the size of a dove and can easily be mistaken for one of our kestrels with their long grey upper bodies and pointy wings.

Many bugs are emerging from their winter shelters as it becomes warmer. Bugs are important for our ecosystem as they are essential for pollination, turning the soil and dispersing seeds in addition to providing an essential part of the food chain for other species. Butterflies, moths, bees and beetles can all be seen in April with many others, heralding the onset of Spring.

There is much to see this month, join us for a tour or come along to our Nature Walk and Easter Brunch event on 17th April*, which combines nature with delicious food!

*booking required

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